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When art, technology and fashion combine, the combination is magical..

RalphLauren.com celebrated 10 years of digital innovation and presented a show on its flagship London store… Just enjoy the marvel and a round of applause for the ideas, inspiration and smart thinking..


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(This article was for a college event and the theme was Game changer of the decade in 500 words.. So just want to share it..)

Natalie Clifford Barney once said, ‘With renunciation, life begins…’

It was the year 2004 and every news channel covered the sport called ‘The Great Indian Elections.’ One clearly remembers Sushma Swaraj screaming on national television that she will ‘shave her head’ and ‘sleep on the ground’ if an Italian-born woman was elected for the kursi of the Prime Minister.

Within half an hour, the “elegant lady” of India’s first family of politics resigned from her position and suggested the name of the Sikh economist, Manmohan Singh as PM. With this declaration, Sonia Gandhi was welcomed in the heart of every Indian.

Wife of assassinated Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi and the foreigner bahu of India’s only woman Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi – Sonia is the brain ruling Asia’s Tiger. There’s no doubt about the influence she wields on Mr. Singh’s decision and as the leader of the coalition party – she is the torchbearer.

Sonia Gandhi, for me, is the game changer of this decade, because her life’s tumultuous behaviour showed her the thorns and gave her the roses. From being taunted for her broken Hindi, the once-upon-a-time waitress has ceased to be an ‘outsider.’ Listed in Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, the simplicity of her sari and her shoulder length hair cut is a picture to reckon with.

Once Indira Gandhi was called ‘The Man’ in the office, today Sonia has worn the title with certain unease. Being at the helm of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), a call from her 10, Janpath home sends shivers down every minister. Today everyone knows how Ashok Chavan, Maharashtra’s Chief Minister put in his papers, when she didn’t answer his call.

Her presence at the 2008 Olympics with the French and USA President is proof enough to say that she is definitely, a dignitary China counts on. If you ask since when did the leader of a coalition party always meet the international who’s who? One can just say, Sonia is setting a precedent everywhere. The latest being her meeting with the Obamas.

She has learnt to handle the drama in the Indian Parliament. From reluctance to enter politics, today her face on Congress posters has lent it a certain charm. And the lady, graceful and tight –lipped, is shrewd. Subtly she has raised the podium for her son, Rahul Gandhi. The Nehru – Gandhi lineage although divided, will still rule the show.

The Bofors’ scam aside, Sonia Gandhi rolled the dice on the Indian chess board of politics and won. Her being an Indian is a fact, nobody can refute anymore. From Amethi to Delhi, she gave being a woman – a new status symbol. And the element of mystery she has to her persona, definitely keeps the aam aadmi interested. The movie, Rajneeti based their publicity on her life.

Need anymore reason for giving her the title of Game changer…? Just think, if she decides to endorse an advertisement any day (hopefully, never!!!) would you bet your money on her…? Blindfolded, am sure!! Sonia Gandhi, it is then.

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Just before winter sets in.. A final goodbye to the rains.. Make your own melody with the Raindrop Melody Maker..

Raindrop music

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