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The truth

Engrossed in reading another hilarious account of a crackpot personality, she is startled by the message tone of her phone. The message is from a number not in her contacts. But she knows, even if she has a memory loss she will always know when it’s ‘him’.

Does he still pine for me? Should I reply back?

And then what will you get? Lies, abuses, betrayal? Do you really want this?

Slowly the giddy feeling ebbs out and she takes another look at the message. It reads, Did I send shivers down your spine?

She murmurs, You will never know.


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He hides his soul every time he meets her but the rains are not helping today. He is sure it is the sunglasses and not the borrowed purple umbrella which is earning him the stares.

She smiles at the glimpse of the purple umbrella. She thinks, this man is behind my heart.

Just then a strong wind sweeps the umbrella away and he cannot do much. As it flies away, he catches her staring. Can she touch his soul? Can she be the reason for this funny feeling in his stomach?

He removes the sunglasses to take a better look.

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This story is a type of Drabble.

Drabble consists of only 100 words exactly. So, here’s my first one.

She whispered, ‘I miss you’

A second later he said, ‘Can I keep the phone now?’

‘Ok.. Bye,’  hastily she kept the phone.

Her heart asked, did he hear you? If he did, why such a response? Was he sleepy? Or were you too soft?

Her feelings were confused and hurt. Yes, he had to call his brother for business work. Agreed, that when she complained of him keeping the phone soon, he spoke sweetly. The charm in his voice when he said, ‘I love you’ earlier in the conversation, made her heart melt.

She prayed it was a misunderstanding.

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