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Perfect, how she abhorred that word. “Come on, let’s leave or we will miss the Ladies Special,” Leela shouted from the next room. Aparna exactly followed her visualized scenario, locked the door and joined Leela. With muscles properly trained to not miss the over-packed 12 compartment Only Ladies train, they rushed. A proper seven minute walk to the platform was interspersed with cutting the crowd and overtaking the jay walkers.  The next couple of minutes passed with every glance at the indicator clock and a sprinkling look for mischief-makers who can jostle you. And angry stares do not frighten the fairer sex. The best moments are the last seven seconds as the train halts and the constant pushing helps to take that leap in the train.

Aparna relaxed herself and sat opposite Leela. “Lucky for me, got the seat at least,” she thought adjusting her dupatta.

(to be contd…)


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