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My Wish..

It’s frozen. Wrapped tightly. The liquid flows to keep me alive. A few more minutes and everything will be numb.

The hands that held you tight and silently spoke, ‘Never let go’ – stare back in an empty gaze. The meals started with you, whisper a tale of loneliness. The dreams built in those long-never-ending stares into space – make no sense. And the hopes, aspirations, desires have all deserted me.

But there remains a flicker, although blurry. One day it will brightly glow and thaw me. What will survive is My questioning Wish – Will we ever be together..?

Waiting for you to complete me.

My Heart.


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The heart speaketh..

God's gift

Oh Love! Thou giveth new meanings to my life

And my Heart sayeth, ‘Stay with Me..’

Is my Destiny listening?


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It was my friend’s excitement on seeing a new cover of a book, she already had – made me look out for various book covers. It is a wonderful way to stay on par with the changing world of design.

Here’s a look at the various book covers of Nicholas Sparks – A Walk To Remember.

A Walk to Remember

Read it, Watch it - a book to be shared with your loved one

A Walk to Remember

The movie characters gave face to Landon and Jamie

A Walk to Remember

A book for all seasons

A Walk to Remember

Love blooms, when you stop looking..

A Walk to Remember

Click on the image to read the review

Movie Poster

Not a book lover? Catch the flick!!

Hope you enjoyed it. If you have a book cover different than these, do send the picture across.

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How many times have you caught yourself complaining about the mundane, routine life you led? Always wished to be someone else, live on the other side but the world and its ways just never set you free.

Johnny Gone Down

Check the thoughts in the head.. And form your pattern of the story..

Karan Bajaj’s Johnny Gone Down can just be your escape. The book is on the life of Nikhil Arya, a budding MIT student with a potential future. A progress sheet which gets him from one cubicle to another, an Indian wife, beer with colleagues and a peaceful life was his goal on the day of graduation.

But, his destiny had other plans. It wanted him to soar. And so, various threads dangled for him. Every thread caught – became a part of his life, meshing with his previous experiences. He learns and unlearns, adapts and acquires new skills, sometimes ignores his thoughts and yet, never connects to people. Or does he?

What starts off as an unplanned hike to Cambodia for the nymph-like girls and a relaxed vacation before the rigmarole soon, turns ugly or rather exciting. Pol Pot’s administration sees Nikhil at his worst. Each day is about a dark room, watery rice and a wish that the end is near.

But he survives. And finds solace in a Buddhist monastery. Does the transition work for him? Why doesn’t he go back to his normal life, if there is one in US? With no one to call his own, Monk Namche as he is known – fights his inner battles and embraces the Buddha. But, is this what he really wanted? A trip to Brazil and he gives up the chaste life.

The South American country’s ‘favela’ or neighborhood brings him face to face with a drug lord. He befriends him or rather gets lured, as there is no other place to go and becomes his bookkeeper of accounts. In a rather filmy style, he is an excellent marksman. And as the story unravels, Nick becomes a rich man with no emotion. But wait, love has to enter.

So it does and the happy, married life he leads irks the Colombian mafia. So does he die? Not yet. Uncle Sam’s country beckons him and in a homeless state, he meets a software guy. With family left behind, he yearns to be with them. It is this belonging that he had always looked for. And, despite being a software mogul, his wish is only to be with them or die.

And he does die. But not before he becomes Johnny, saves the life of a driver in a battle to blow the brains. Becomes a guest of honour at a wedding and stuffs a samosa every 10 minutes. Meets his childhood friend and narrates his tumultuous life’s various threads. Only to stumble upon the mosaic it formed. A pattern which is clearly visible and was all planned by destiny.

So, Johnny Gone Down with its racy style of jumping countries and changing roles will keep you hooked. It is said to be ‘a once-in-a-lifetime story of an ordinary man fighting an extraordinary destiny.’ Which reminds me of a song – Who can say where the road goes, Where the day flows? Only Time.

So give Karan Bajaj’s second novel your time, while I go for the debut one.

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This story is a type of Drabble.

Drabble consists of only 100 words exactly. So, here’s my first one.

She whispered, ‘I miss you’

A second later he said, ‘Can I keep the phone now?’

‘Ok.. Bye,’  hastily she kept the phone.

Her heart asked, did he hear you? If he did, why such a response? Was he sleepy? Or were you too soft?

Her feelings were confused and hurt. Yes, he had to call his brother for business work. Agreed, that when she complained of him keeping the phone soon, he spoke sweetly. The charm in his voice when he said, ‘I love you’ earlier in the conversation, made her heart melt.

She prayed it was a misunderstanding.

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